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YMCA Foundation

Giving to the Edwardsville YMCA Foundation – The opportunity to help others is open for all, regardless of the size of the gift.

Endowing the YMCA is an opportunity for you to continue to make a positive difference in people’s lives after your death. Donors wishing to extend their influence beyond their own lives should take the time to plan their giving. This ensures their gift maximizes the benefits while preserving their financial security during their own lifetime.

A gift to the YMCA will ensure that the work of the Y continues not only for current users but for future generations as well. Your gift will play a key role in enabling the Edwardsville YMCA to remain a place where good things happen in the lives of people. You can be a part of the future through your gift to the Edwardsville YMCA.

Established In 1973, the YMCA Foundation’s purpose is to receive financial gifts, bequests, trusts, and endowments and use it as needed for capital improvements. The Foundation is also charged with fund-raising for those activities.

Donors have the option of designating how their contributions will be used. Money given to the Foundation is not used for facility operation. If you would like more information about the Edwardsville YMCA Foundation, please contact Brandon Bell at (618) 656-0436

Today, a visitor to the Y may hear the sounds of running feet and basketballs dribbling across the hardwood floor of the gym. These join the symphony of other, long familiar sounds at the Y: splashing water, the rhythmic “clang” of fitness equipment, the lively beat of an aerobics class…and, above all, human voices.

THE Y IS MANY THINGS, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, exercise equipment, and programs, certainly. But the voices remind us that the purpose of our Edwardsville YMCA is to serve people – people of all ages regardless of age, sex, race, religion or economic status. The people who come to the Y are both skilled athletes and amateurs, physically fit and those who strive to be fit. All who come to the Y seek to learn, to grow and to enrich their lives. Without its mission to serve people, there is no Y.

It has long been the desire of men and women to make provisions for perpetuating their ideals and dreams for a better world beyond their lifetimes. Persons of both large and small means have set aside a portion of their assets with hopes of making a positive difference in the lives of others after their own death.

Anyone contemplating such provisions for the future naturally want assurance that the money provided for this purpose will: be handled wisely and thoughtfully, accomplish some permanent good, help build the community of the future in a way the donor would if still living, be placed with an organization which is stable, well-managed, cognizant of the needs of an ever-changing society and capable of producing programs to produce positive results.

For more information, please contact Brandon Bell at (618) 656-0436.

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