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Your Support Makes A Difference

The Edwardsville YMCA and the YMCA Foundation, Inc. have established several programs for the purpose of offering individuals an opportunity to financially support the mission and goals of the YMCA.

Text “donate” to 618-565-9622 or click here to make a donation.

Listed below is information about three such programs. If you would like further information about these programs, please contact our CEO at (618) 656-0436.

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“You Make More Possible” Annual Support Campaign

The lasting effects of Covid-19 on our community are still unknown. What we at the Edwardsville YMCA know is that our commitment to stand firm in our mission to impact the lives of others and to never turn away those who are unable to afford the necessary benefits the Y provides. Those benefits include, (but are not limited to) building healthy habits, growing relationships and fellowship with other members and having a safe place for children to learn, grow and thrive.

We believe these to be essential needs for our community; however we alone are unable to fund all the assistance needed to help fulfill the requests that come in every year. Through the generosity of our community’s businesses and individuals, members and staff, donations to the Annual Campaign help to fund our Financial Assistance Program.

The recurring reasons for requesting assistance include: job loss, illness and injury rehabilitation. These continue to increase and as a non-profit, we are committed to helping as many individuals and families as possible.

Contributions to the Annual Campaign will go  directly towards helping others through our Financial Assistance Program.

• Youth • Adults • Seniors •

Fees were waived or reduced for over 200 individual and family memberships. This positively impacted more than 700 individuals.

• Summer Camp • Preschool • Drop-in Childcare • Early Childhood Center • Schools, Non-Profits & More •

We impacted over 1000 lives in Youth Development.

• Special Needs • Youth Sports • Active Older Adults • Health & Wellness • Aquatics • Arts • Gymnastics •

We waived or reduced program fees and facility usage fees impacting over 1000 individuals.

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The Edwardsville YMCA’s Annual Campaign seeks the support and assistance of our business community, members and the people of the communities we so proudly serve. Our “You Make More Possible” Annual Support Campaign will seek donations every year to assist in the funding of the Edwardsville YMCA’s Financial Assistance Program.  The campaign provides services to those that want and need the services of the YMCA but are not in a position to pay related membership or program fees. You can be a part of this great effort and help those that need assistance by being a volunteer and contributing to the campaign. Every gift makes a difference. Everyone has a role to play. Together, we can do so much more.

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