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Your Support Makes A Difference

The Edwardsville YMCA and the YMCA Foundation, Inc. have established several programs for the purpose of offering individuals an opportunity to financially support the mission and goals of the YMCA.

Listed below is information about three such programs. If you would like further information about these programs, please contact our CEO at (618) 656-0436.

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“You Make More Possible” Annual Support Campaign

The Edwardsville YMCA’s Annual Campaign seeks the support and assistance of our business community, members and the people of the communities we so proudly serve. Our “You Make More Possible” Annual Support Campaign will seek donations every year to assist in the funding of the Edwardsville YMCA’s Financial Assistance Program. In 2019, we contributed over $270,000 in memberships, programs, childcare and facility usage to those in need through our financial assistance program. We raised almost $181,000 of this through our 2019 Annual Campaign. The campaign provides YMCA services to those that want and need the services of the YMCA but are not in a position to pay related membership or program fees. You can be a part of this great effort and help those that need assistance by being a volunteer and contributing to the campaign. Every gift makes a difference. Everyone has a role to play. Together, we can do so much more.

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YMCA Memorial Gift Program

Over the past several years the YMCA has gratefully been the recipient of memorial contributions, both large and small, by families and friends of deceased loved ones. All memorial funds are used specifically and solely for YMCA facility improvements and/or program improvements as determined by the YMCA.

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YMCA Foundation Endowment Fund

In July of 1992, the trustees of the YMCA Foundation established the YMCA Foundation Endowment Fund. Contributions and bequests to the Endowment Fund may be accepted from any source. However, the principal of any bequest or gift to the Endowment Fund is invested and only the interest generated from the investment can be used. These contributions are then recognized by including the name of the deceased along with their date of birth and death. If applicable, the specific use of the gift on the Memorial Gifts Plaque located in one of the two facilities.

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