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Personal Training

Been struggling to achieve your goals? Bored with the same workouts you’ve been doing forever? Your body deserves a NEW, unique fitness plan, designed for you! At the Edwardsville YMCA you can attain the goal you have been striving for by using a personal trainer.

Personal Training

Why Personal Training?

A personal trainer will help determine your goals and design a program specific to your needs. They are certified and knowledgeable on a variety of topics and training regimens, allowing for flexibility, fun and ultimately progress!

Who Can Benefit From Personal Training?

  • Adults, seniors, teens 
  • Overweight or underweight individuals 
  • Athletes 
  • People in need of rehabilitation 
  • Anyone bored with their current routine 
  • Individuals who have hit a “plateau” 
  • Anyone who has been unable to workout consistently 
  • People looking for one-on-one coaching

Benefits Of Personal Training Include:

  • One-on-one guidance or the ability to work out with a partner & still have this advantage
  • Programs designed for your specific needs 
  • Learn safe and effective ways to workout 
  • Stay motivated 
  • Reduce stress and increase stamina 
  • Nutritional advice 
  • Ongoing assessment of your progress

Training Packages

We know it’s hard to make a change alone, so we have taken the stress away by adding Partner Training Sessions! You can have your one-hour session with your best friend, mom, brother or daughter! This Partner (2-on-1) method still makes it easy for you to get everything you want out of a personal trainer, but you are able to have a partner and split the cost!

How To Get Started

Option 1:

  • Download the Referral Form
  • Look over the Personal Trainers.
  • Choose the trainer with whom you would like to work.
  • Fill the form out. Please save it when you have it completed.
  • Email the form to Dawn Cunningham at
  • A Personal Trainer is required to contact you within 72 hours of receiving your form. If a trainer does not contact you within this time period, please contact Dawn Cunningham at 618-655-1460 ext. 2248.


Option 2:

  • Go to either the Niebur (Esic) or Meyer Center’s Fitness Center desks.
  • Inquire about getting a personal trainer.
  • Look through the personal trainer book.
  • Choose the trainer with whom you would like to work.
  • Fill out a Referral Form & give it to an employee at the fitness center desk.
  • The personal trainer will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • Start achieving your goals!

Session Rates

# of Sessions Individual Partners
1 Session $35 $60
5 Sessions $150 $250

Individual session packages are for single person use only. You may not split an individual package with another person.

No Refunds, Non-Transferable Packages & Gift Cards Good For 1 Year.

If you are interested in having Individual (one-on-one) or Partner (two-on-one) sessions with a personal trainer you must be a fitness center member. 1-hour sessions are made by appointment with your trainer. If you are going to miss a session you must notify the trainer 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. In turn, if a trainer is unable to conduct a scheduled session they will give 72 hours notice.

To schedule a personal training appointment or find out more information you can stop by either location or contact us by phone at 656-0436 (Niebur (Esic)) or 655-1460 (Meyer).

The Ultimate Training Package -- Fit + Fuel Approach

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Maximize your health experience by learning from both exercise and nutrition professionals. This NEW package allows you time with both a trainer and a registered dietician, who will work with you to reach your personal goals by creating a manageable plan that you can stick to.

4 Personal Training Sessions & 2 Nutrition Appointments (Initial & Follow-up)
Full Privilege Members $195

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Meet Our Trainers

When you make the decision to work with a personal trainer you want to know that you have picked the right person to train you. We offer experienced and professional personal fitness trainers to our members. Y trainers work with a variety of clientele including athletes, sedentary adults, seniors, and teens. One of our certified personal trainers can design a personalized training program specifically for you based on your individual profile. You can choose a trainer that seems to fit your needs or have one picked out just for you!

Eric Bonacorsi

View Eric's Bio

I specialize in many areas. I enjoy helping those who are new or those who already have a general knowledge with fitness. My goal is to help my clients achieve their short term and/or long term goals for either sport specific reasons, personal performance, or general maintenance of health.

*Not currently taking new clients*

Kim E. Bonacorsi

View Kim's Bio

Sports Conditioning and currently studying for ACE certification in Fitness over 50.

*Not currently taking new clients*

Lesa Boykin

View Lesa's Bio

I enjoy helping individuals who have little to no experience in working out achieve their health and wellness goals. I am certified in a variety of fitness areas.

Lara Collmann

View Lara's Bio

Specialize in strength training, stability, balance and flexibility. In my years of experience, I have helped many people of all ages to become more comfortable and confident in the fitness center, develop a healthier lifestyle, gain strength, increase energy and lose weight.

Amanda Dornhorst

View Amanda's Bio

I specialize in functional fitness, strength & cardio training, and HIIT style workouts. I am confident working with people of all ages, and feel I can help you achieve your specific fitness goal

Jo Earnhart

View Jo's Bio

Specializing in strength training and cardiorespiratory training. I enjoy assisting people to become stronger, healthier, feel better, and have more confidence. I can help you train for your first or next race!

Bo Pritchard

View Bo's Bio

Working with adults & children from the beginning thru to the elite levels. Helping them to have a more active lifestyle, lose weight, increased lean muscle, injury prevention, and working with those with pre-existing injuries.

*Not currently taking new clients*

Mary Tebbe

View Mary's Bio

My specialization focuses on improved mobility training.

Personal Trainer Bios

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