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Nutrition & Wellness

Building healthy lifestyles and wellness opportunities for our members at the Edwardsville YMCA!

Nutrition Counseling

Cat Ward is a Registered Dietitian with experience in food science, food safety, and nutrition counseling and education. She completed her BS in Nutrition at Eastern Illinois University, and her MS in Food and Nutrition Sciences and Dietetic Internship at Ohio University.
In addition to seeing clients for the last few years, Cat has worked as a food science and food safety
specialist for a local dairy processor. She believes that better health comes through daily practice,
not perfection or fads. She specializes in performance nutrition and lifestyle nutrition. Whether your goal is to hit a PR in the weight room, build your endurance, or simply to feel better each and every day, she can help you build your fueling strategies and find a positive relationship with food.

Your appointments will be tailored to your unique habits, lifestyle, interests and goals. The goal is for you to leave your appointments feeling empowered about your food choices and the path in front of you. Each follow up appointment allows you a space to discuss your progress and feel supported in a successful path forward.

Set up your initial nutrition counseling appointment now by contacting Cat at

What To Expect:
Our registered, licensed dietitian will work with you and/or your family to glean insight into unique eating habits, lifestyle, and goals. The process will allow for the dietitian and the client to work together to create a foundational action plan for improved nutrition and wellness that is practical and sustainable.

Initial 1 Hour Session: $50
Follow Up Sessions $35 (Expires 3 months from purchase)

How to Get Started:

Register for Nutrition Counseling Package

You will then be contacted by the nutritionist, Cat Ward at She will contact you within 72 hours of receiving your form. If you do not hear back within this time period, please contact Ann McLean at or 618-656-0436.

Start achieving your goals!

Nutrition Programs

Great City Race

How far can you walk or run in 10 weeks and make it home for Thanksgiving? Track your progress online as you travel from Edwardsville to Springfield (80 miles), Peoria (148 miles), Chicago (280 miles), or if you are up for the challenge to Atlanta (555 miles) or Washington DC (805 miles)! All participants will get a t-shirt marking your city/distance achieved. All Fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Practical Self-Defense

Each hour-long class is partly dedicated to discussing tactics and strategies, proper attitude, awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, learning new movements and techniques; and applying those techniques using proper power generation, targeting, leverage, and positioning. The last part of class is dedicated to drills and exercises designed to improve strength and power, while helping to hardwire those techniques into the neuromuscular system. Participants should come away from each class with increased knowledge, coordination and power- both mental and physical.

Sat 10:30 – 11:25am • Meyer Center Upstairs
Members $38 • Non-Members $63

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