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Nutrition & Wellness

Building healthy lifestyles and wellness opportunities for our members at the Edwardsville YMCA!

Nutrition Counseling

Jen Zuercher is a Registered Dietitian with 20 years of
experience in research, business, and counseling and education. She completed her MA in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship at Syracuse University, and her PhD in Nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill. For the last four years, she has been a faculty member in the Nutrition Program at SIUE. When working with individual clients and families, she focuses on assisting them in improving their health and well-being through healthy eating and weight management. Jen understands that change isn’t easy, and that everyone is different. By meeting each client where they are at, she provides guidance and support to create focused, sustainable goals.

Set up your initial nutrition counseling appointment now by contacting Jen at

What To Expect:
Our registered, licensed dietitian will work with you and/or your family to glean insight into unique eating habits, lifestyle, and goals. The process will allow for the dietitian and the client to work together to create a foundational action plan for improved nutrition and wellness that is practical and sustainable.

Initial 1 Hour Session: $50
Initial/Follow Up Combo: $80
Additional followup sessions available (Expires 3 months from purchase)

How to Get Started:
You have 2 ways to get your nutrition counseling journey started:

Option 1
Download the Request Form.
Fill the form out. Please save it when you have it completed.
Email the form to Jen Zuercher at
She will contact you within 72 hours of receiving your form. If you do not hear back within this time period, please contact Dawn Cunningham at 618-655-1460 ext. 2248.

Option 2
Go to either the Niebur (Esic) or Meyer Center’s Fitness Center desks.
Inquire about getting nutrition counseling.
Fill out a request form & give it to an employee at the fitness center desk.
Our Nutritionist, Jen Zuercher will contact you to set up an appointment.

Start achieving your goals!

Nutrition Programs

The Ultimate Training Package - Fit + Fuel Approach

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Maximize your health experience by learning from both exercise and nutrition professionals. This package allows you time with both a trainer and a registered dietician, who will work with you to reach your personal goals by creating a manageable plan that you can stick to.

4 Personal Training Sessions & 2 Nutrition Appointments (Initial & Follow-up)
Full Privilege Members $200

Personal Trainers ›

New Year New You

Let’s ring in the next decade on a healthy foot! Start 2020 off by setting goals and challenging yourself to become a NEW YOU! Accountability is the key to your success!


  • Weekly Emails: Include A Healthy Recipe, Exercise Tip & Challenge
  • Monthly Prizes For Top Male & Female Who Lose The Most Body Fat!
  • FREE Nutrition Presentation • January 27TH • 6:00pm • Niebur Center



  • Initial Weigh-in: Jan. 2ND – 11TH
  • 2ND Weigh-in: Feb. 5TH – 8TH
  • 3rd Weigh-in: March 4TH – 7TH
  • Final Weigh-in: April 1ST – 4TH
  • Winners Announced: April 8TH



Ho Ho Hold Your Weight!

Don’t let the holiday weight sneak up on you! We have a great plan to keep the weight off during the holidays! This plan will help you say “NO” to those holiday cravings & challenge you to maintain your weight within 2lbs. for 7 weeks.

Punch Card for 4 FREE Spin Classes
Weekly Emails: Include An Exercise Challenge & A Healthy Recipe
$20 YMCA Voucher If you maintain your weight within 2lbs. If you gain more than 2lbs. your $20 fee will go towards our 2020 Annual Campaign program to help families in need.

Returns Fall 2020!

Drop-in Wellness Workshops

Did you know, according to Today’s Dietician, starting around the age of 50 you lose 0.5% to 2% of your total muscle mass each year? Changes in digestion & addition of medications can also have an effect on the aging process. Join us for our first 45-minute workshop that will provide you with the nutrition tools you need to age your very best! For more information please contact Dawn Cunningham at (618) 655-1460 or


Navigate Your Way Through The Grocery Store

Do you struggle to find healthy options at the grocery store? We will give you some tips as you talk with our expert & learn the best way to navigate through the store. If you like what you hear, we also offer in-store follow-up tours!

More information to come soon on dates!

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Personalized Self-Defense Workshop

Can you defend yourself? The YMCA is now offering self-defense workshops for your organization. We can teach you simple, yet effective ways to help protect yourself against bullies, predators, etc.

For More Information On Booking A Workshop For Your Group, Please Call Niebur or Meyer Centers.

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