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Experience the excitement of acting! Theatrical exploration shapes creativity, literacy and social skills.



Join our performing arts team as we build and prepare a variety style show to spotlight local talent. We are looking for singers, actors, stand up comics, dancers, musicians, poets, writers, and those talented in the production side of the stage scene as well. The YMCA instructors will help students choose a performance piece in their desired discipline. Original works and collaborations between different performing arts disciplines are welcome and encouraged. Not sure what you want to do? Let an instructor pick for you based on your interest and ability.

INEXPERIENCED, ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPANTS ARE WELCOME! Students will be coached and directed as they prepare their best possible presentation for our show (Nov. Date TBA). Those more interested in the production side will help make decisions about show order, publicity material and program creation. Students can enroll one night per week or two.

While classes will focus on guidance/instruction of individual and group talents, emphasis is on teamwork as students work toward show date! Part of class time will involve student collaboration as they make decisions about behind the scenes and as well as onstage aspects of the production.

Tueday 6:15 – 8:15pm • Interested/Talented In Acting, Comedy, Poetry, Writing, Production, Publicity & Stage Managing

Thursday 6:15 – 8:15pm • Interested/Talented In Dance, Singing, Production, Publicity & Stage Managing

Tuesday & Thursday 6:15 – 8:15pm • Interested in more than one area of performing arts or want to be active in helping put the show together and making sure it runs smoothly.

12 Week Sessions • Aug. 23rd – Nov. 14th • Meyer Center
1 Night: Full Privilege Members $188 • Basic Members $225 • Non-Members $282
2 Nights: Full Privilege Members $250 • Basic Members $300 • Non-Members $375

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YMCA Theatre Presents...


Students will get a chance to become their favorite infamous villain in this one act play. Each student will pick their character or side character and help create the story about how they got caught and ended up in jail.

Jr. Theatre (Ages 4 - 7)

This is the perfect introduction to theatre for any young actor. Each week we will participate in exercises and games that will develop all the skills needed for the stage.

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