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Staff Directory

It takes many great directors to make all the great things happen at our Y. Each one shares their time, energy and focuses on strengthening our programs to help kids reach their potential, increasing healthy living for all ages, and giving back to our neighbors.

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Darla Andree |
Arts & Humanities Coordinator

David Beasley |
Associate Vice President (AVP) Membership & Innovation

Brandon Bell |

Megan Blind |
Human Resources Assistant

Ashley Brammeier |
Preschool Co-Director

Lee An Ford |
Allison Cassens ECDC Assistant Director

Brittney Fredbloom |
Member Services Director (Meyer Center)

Debbie Gaughan |
Vice President of Human Resources

Natasha Howard |
Branch Executive Director

Mary Jones |
Custodial/Housekeeping Supervisor

Laura Keiser |
Allison Cassens Early Childhood Development Center Director

Gunnar Kohlbrecher |
Aquatics Director

Lauren Lawson |
Preschool Co-Director

Cameron Little |
Director of Sports and Recreation

Ann McLean |
Health & Wellness Niebur Center Director

Angie Pence |
Tennis Coordinator

Brian Peterson |
Lead Maintenance Specialist

Tammy Pocuca |
Gymnastics Director

Karen Pyarali |
Vice President of Finance

Erin Richardson |
Senior Member Services Director (Niebur)

Monica Snook |
Associate Vice President (AVP) Fundraising & Wellness (Niebur Branch Director)

Lauren Szakielo |
Associate Vice President (AVP) Marketing

Jimmy Usery |
Associate Branch Executive Director (Meyer)

Tyler Wagener |
Maintenance Director

Jason Zepeda Maclin |
Summer Camp Director

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