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Membership & Program Credit Policy

Thank you for your patience as we work through this difficult time. We have been working hard to navigate through your membership and program questions. At this time we have decided the following:


We will be issuing credit vouchers to your membership account for all of the days that we remain closed. Annual Memberships will be extended for the length of time that we are closed.

Please address any additional questions or concerns to our Membership Team: Erin Richardson (Niebur) erichardson@edwymca.com or David Beasley (Meyer) dbeasley@edwymca.com.

In the event that we are still closed on April 15th, your account will not be drafted for the next month.


If you were registered for Winter 2 classes, you will receive a voucher onto your account for the 3 remaining weeks.

Automatic Drafts

All of the automatic drafts will be suspended until we reopen the facilities. This includes, but is not limited to: Move Pass, Niebur Preschool, Allison Cassens ECDC, Swim Team & Dryland Training, Gymnastics & Tumbling Teams, and Dance Classes.

As a non-profit we rely on the support of our community and in this unprecedented time our community is very important to our future. If you are interested in NOT receiving a credit to your account for your membership, Winter 2 programs or both and gifting it back to the YMCA, please fill out this short form:

Click Here To Gift Your Membership & Program Credit

We appreciate your continued support of your YMCA during these uncertain times. #WeAreCommunity.

Edwardsville YMCA