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Operating Policies

Helping To Keep Everyone Safe at the Edwardsville YMCA and surrounding community centers.

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Effective Wednesday 9/8/2021 – In compliance of the Illinois State Mask Mandate

  • Wearing a Mask is required by the state of Illinois.  At the Y we need you to wear a mask at all times when entering the facility, exiting the facility, in the lobbies, and at all times when you are unable to socially distance yourself.
  • No Non-Member access to the Basketball Gyms or Fitness Centers.  Nationwide Membership is still fully accepted.


The Edwardsville YMCA is committed to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for everyone. We are closely monitoring information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the flu, and taking precautions to help keep our Y community safe.

At the Y, we believe in healthy living.  In many ways, that starts with a clean environment.  Each Edwardsville YMCA branch is cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, with heavy use common areas such as locker rooms and child care sites cleaned more frequently.  We are making sure hand sanitizer and hand wipes are available to members and staff, posting safety reminders throughout the building, and encouraging staff and members experiencing any symptoms affiliated with these illnesses to stay away from the Y and immediately seek medical attention.

We have a plan in place that outlines necessary steps both in prevention and our response.  Health officials advise the best way to prevent Coronavirus is to practice the same good hygiene steps used to prevent the common cold and flu:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.  For information about handwashing, see the CDC’s Handwashing website.
  • Use the disinfectant wipes to wipe down equipment (weights, floor machines, etc.) after each use.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • If you’re sick or feeling sick, stay home.

If you would like more information on the Coronavirus, please visit the CDC’s website or the Illinois Department of Health website.

“EASY-PAY” Monthly Bank Draft
This payment plan is an easy and economical way to join the YMCA. No Long Term Commitment! Never worry about your membership expiring again. Your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your checking/savings account or credit card. We draft on the 15th of each month.

All You Have To Do Is:

  • Complete the authorization form
  • Provide a voided or canceled check or credit card info
  • Pay first-month payment and joining fee
  • Complete Bank Draft Form below

Annual Payment Option
This payment plan is available for all memberships. Fees are equal to 12 monthly payments. Annual memberships are non-refundable. Payments can be made by Cash, Check, or Charge Card. Your membership expires 1 year from date of purchase.

Joining fees are utilized to purchase new equipment and to renovate the facilities. All new members are subject to paying a joining fee when joining the YMCA. This is a one-time fee unless the membership is discontinued for more than 30 days.

  • All membership fees are non-refundable. 
  • Notice of discrepancies in your YMCA account status must be brought to our attention within 60 days. 
  • There will be a $15 service charge on ALL returned checks and automatic bank drafts.
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When you come into the YMCA, you will be asked to present your membership card. Loaning out of cards may result in loss of membership privileges. If you have not had your photo id made, please stop in to have it made for free.

Replacement Card Fee: $5 Per Card

If you misplace your membership card, you will need to check in at the service desk before proceeding to the fitness center, gymnasium or pool. Our staff will provide you with a confirmation pass. Members will be allowed 5 passes before they will be asked to purchase a new card.

A 7 day (by 8th of the month) ADVANCE written notice to either of the YMCA member services directors is required to cancel or make changes to your membership. Contact the membership director for more information.

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Open gymnasium use is limited to those individuals residing in School District #7 or to members of the Edwardsville YMCA. Proof of residency shall be in the form of driver’s license, voter registration card, school identification card, and/or library card.

As an organization centered on Christian principles, the YMCA Board of Directors has implemented a disciplinary policy which applies to patrons of the YMCA. This policy will be strictly enforced and we ask that all patrons conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with the YMCA mission.

General Facility:
  • Ages 1 – 7 must either be in Child Watch or with a parent at all times. (* Summer at Niebur: age 1-5 in Child Watch, age 5-11 Kids Corner) (Not during Niebur Preschool or Summer Camp/Specialty Camps)
  • Must be 8 years or older to be in a program area without a parent present (parent must be onsite)
  • Must be 12 years old to be in the building without a parent onsite or to use the fitness centers
  • Ages 7 & Under must be accompanied in the water by an adult at all times, within arms reach. An Adult is a parent guardian (18years or older) or an authorized child care provider (who is 16 years or older).
  • Ages 8-12 may participate in open swim, after passing the swim test. Parent/guardian must remain in the facility.
For children’s safety, a swim test is required to swim without adult supervision. All swimmers ages 8-12 must pass the swim test before they can be in the pool area without direct supervision. Ages 7 & under whom pass the swim test must be accompanied in the water by an adult at ALL TIMES. Ages 13 years and up may swim independently.

The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Due to the large volume of people using the YMCA facilities, we are unable to check valuables at the service desk. Members and guests are advised not to bring valuables with them.

Lost and found articles will be kept at the YMCA for a period of 2 weeks, at which time they will be donated or thrown out. Ask at the service desk to check our lost and found area.

To better provide for your safety and health, we ask that all individuals with medical problems inform the YMCA staff of such before starting any of our programs.

All cases of accident, injury or an unusual incident should be reported to the staff person on duty. The YMCA assumes no responsibility for injuries incurred while participating in YMCA activities. It is expected that anyone who uses the YMCA facilities carry their own medical insurance.

Food and drink is prohibited in all areas of the facilities except designated concession areas.

The YMCA is a tobacco-free facility. Please do not smoke or use tobacco products anywhere within the facility or grounds.

Proper attire should be worn while utilizing each area of the facility. Shirts and shoes must be worn in all areas of the YMCA except for the locker rooms and swimming pool. Black sole shoes are not permitted on the courts.

Terms & Conditions
Information published on this web site is provided for the use of its visitors and you are advised that, although care has been taken to ensure technical and factual accuracy, some errors may occur. No guarantee is given of the accuracy or completeness of information on these pages. Please be aware that the Edwardsville YMCA may alter the information on its web site from time to time. The Edwardsville YMCA shall have no liability arising from the use by any party of the information on this web site. The Edwardsville YMCA not warrant the information on this web site in any way and in particular no warranty is given that the web site or its contents or hyper-text links are virus free or uncontaminated. You are advised to make your own virus checks and to implement your own precautions in this respect. The Edwardsville YMCA exclude all liability for contamination or damage caused by any virus or electronic transmission.

Commitment to Data Security
Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information. All emails and newsletters from our sites allow you to opt out of further mailings. The Edwardsville YMCA will never sell trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organization.

Commitment to Youth Safety
The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.

The Edwardsville YMCA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests. To promote safety and comfort for all, we expect individuals to act appropriately at all times when they are in our facility or participating in our programs.
We expect persons using the Edwardsville YMCA or attending a YMCA event to behave in a mature and responsible way, and to respect the rights and dignity of others. This Code of Conduct applies to YMCA members, guests, participants, staff and anyone on YMCA property, using YMCA facilities, or attending a YMCA event.

Prohibited actions specifically include but are not limited to:

  • Inappropriate, immodest or revealing attire; appropriate attire includes gym shorts, shirts, or sweat suits in the physical fitness area, and regular swimsuits in the pool area.
  • Angry or vulgar language, including swearing or name-calling.
  • Physical contact with another person in any angry, threatening or offensive way.
  • Any sexually explicit conversation or behavior; any sexual contact with another person.
  • Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language or any menacing behavior.
  • Theft or behavior that results in the destruction of property.
  • Carrying or concealing any firearm, weapon, device or object that may be used as a weapon. Possession of a state authorized concealed carry license is not an exception under this policy. The only exceptions to this policy will be law enforcement officers, and other individuals that have been given written consent by the President/CEO to carry a firearm onto the property, or at a YMCA event.
  • Using or possessing illegal substances or alcohol on YMCA property, in YMCA vehicles, or at YMCA sponsored programs.
  • Loitering.
  • Smoking. The YMCA and its property is a smoke-free environment.
  • Taking photos and/or videos from a cell phone or other device is not permitted in locker rooms or rest rooms.
  • Conducting business, except YMCA approved business, for personal gain on YMCA property.
  • Any violation or perceived violation of any applicable law, including the Firearm Concealed Carry Act may be reported to law enforcement.

The Edwardsville YMCA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been accused or convicted of any sex-related crime; habitually or excessively uses illegal substances; has ever been convicted of any offense relating to the use, sale, possession, or transportation of illegal substances, or continuous or excessive use of alcohol. Any individual whom the YMCA becomes aware is listed on the sex offender registry will be denied access or membership to all YMCA owned or leased buildings or areas, and YMCA events.
If a member or guest believes a violation of this code has occurred, they should report the behavior to a YMCA staff member. The Edwardsville YMCA staff members are eager to be of assistance; members and guests should not hesitate to notify a staff member if assistance is needed.

The YMCA management will investigate all reported incidents. Suspension or termination of YMCA membership privileges may result from any violation of the Code of Conduct without warning or refund.


Operating Policies

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