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Join The Edwardsville YMCA

When you join the Y, you belong to a community of people of all ages who strive every day to be healthy, confident and connected.

The Y is a place where adults connect with and make friends, pursue interests and learn how to live healthier. Children and teens play, learn who they are and what they can achieve, and are accepted. Parents find a safe, positive environment for their children to learn good values, social skills, and behaviors. Communities thrive because neighbors support each other and give back.

Membership Application

Why Join The Y?

At the Y, we all build relationships that further our sense of belonging and purpose. Because the Y is for everyone, we bring together parents and kids like no other organization. Children can begin learning a sport from a young age and hone their skills that can last a lifetime. Adults have the opportunity to try new things either for themselves or with their children.

From family programs to game nights, the Y provides endless possibilities for families to spend quality time together. With the Y, you’re not just a member of a facility, you’re part of a cause. With a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, your membership gives you and your community the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

A YMCA membership gives you so much more than access to our facilities!
It helps you lead a healthier lifestyle by building relationships, providing a way for you to be a part of your community & helping you to help others. It sets you on the path to good health in spirit, mind, and body, helping you to enjoy living a full and balanced life. 

You will get great workouts through our programs and equipment at both the Niebur (Esic) & Meyer Centers. This gives you access to all YMCA programs, either included in your membership or at a reduced rate.

Membership Benefits

Full Privilege Membership

  • Unlimited access to fitness center in both locations (ages 12 & up)
  • Free or reduced rates on most YMCA programs & activities
  • Free Child Watch Services
  • Access to Scheduled areas during “Members Only“ times
  • Member only early registration opportunities
  • Unlimited use of the walking track
  • Open gymnasium & open swim (scheduled times only)
  • Open skate & open tennis (scheduled times only)
  • FREE Open rock wall climbing (scheduled times only)
  • FREE Racquetball Court Time (Check Schedule For Available Times) (ages 12 & Up)
  • Free Family Fun Nights
  • Free drop-in group fitness classes (excluding Yoga) (ages 12 & Up)
  • Access to spinning classes & personal training (fees charged)
  • Guest passes
  • Privilege of having access to other participating YMCA’s in the United States via Nationwide Membership (link to membership type page anchored at nationwide section)
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Basic Membership

  • Please note that the basic membership benefits DO NOT include the use of the fitness center areas at Niebur (Esic) or Meyer.
  • Free or reduced rates on most YMCA programs & Activities
  • Discounted Child Watch Services
  • Access to Scheduled areas during “Members Only “ times
  • Member only early registration opportunities
  • Open gymnasium & open swim (scheduled times only)
  • Open skate & open tennis (scheduled times only)
  • Open rock wall climbing (scheduled times only)
  • Free Family Fun Nights
  • Privilege of renting racquetball/wallyball courts (ages 12 & up)

Membership Types

Full Privilege Membership Types

  • Youth Membership
  • Individual Membership
  • Family Membership
  • Senior Membership
  • Nationwide Membership
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Basic Memberships

In addition to the full privilege membership the YMCA offers a basic membership option

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Special Membership Offerings

We are proud to offer Special Memberships for qualifying applicants including military and first responders.

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