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Preparing children physically, socially, emotionally and academically for Kindergarten. Children must be potty trained EXCEPT for toddlers.


Your child must be a YMCA member to participate in the preschool program. Preschool meets late August to mid-May. Tuition Rates are per month. A $30 non-refundable deposit will be collected at the time of registration. You must come into either the Niebur or Meyer Centers to register for our Preschool program.

2020 – 2021 Preschool Registration Dates
Children Currently Enrolled: December 30th
Siblings Of Past & Present Students: January 6th
Members: January 13th • Non-Members: January 20th

Co-oping in the toddler class is required. When you are scheduled, you will be required to either bring a snack or drink for your child’s class. We will be offering three different options for co-oping for the Threes & Pre-K classes.

Full co-op where you would help in your child’s class 1-2 times per month.
Co-op on 1/2 the amount of time.

A non-co-op option where you would not be required to help in the classroom (you only have to accompany your child on 2-3 field trips during the school year.)


Time For Toddlers - Age 2

A chance for your 2-year-old to develop socially & to prepare them for the YMCA 3-year-old program. There are 12 children in each class, along with a lead teacher & 2 co-op parents. Children will be able to participate in gross motor activities, fine motor activities, puzzles, games, art, music, & being read to in a loving environment.

Requirements: Child must be 2 on or before September 1st of the current school year. Parents MUST help in the classroom at least twice a month.

Monday & Wednesday • 9:30 – 11:45am
Tuesday & Thursday • 9:30 – 11:45am
Friday •9:30 – 11:45am
1 Day: Full Co-op $66
2 Days: Full Co-op $92

Three Year Old Program - Age 3

Our program emphasizes social interaction, fine & gross motor skills, science & nature activities, cultural and art activities, and outdoor play. We encourage the development of a positive attitude toward peers, adults, & teachers. There are 15 children in each 3’s class, along with a lead teacher & 2 co-op parents. Children are offered rookies sports sampler & dance in the fall, gymnastics in the winter & swimming lessons in the spring. The 3’s will participate in the annual Circus in March or April.

Requirements: Child must be 3 before September 1st of the current school year. You can either choose to do full co-op, 1/2 co-op or non-co-op.

Tuesday & Thursday • 9:30am – Noon
Full Co-op $92
1/2 Co-op $108
Non Co-op $122

Pre-kindergarten - Age 4

Our program offers your child a chance to grow & learn in time for their kindergarten year. The teachers provide a nurturing and caring environment to help your child develop. We offer science, math, art, fine & gross motor activities, beginning phonics & much more! Your child will be able to participate in Rookies Sports Sampler & dance in the fall, gymnastic lessons in the winter & swim lessons in the spring. The classes also participate in the annual Circus held in March or April. There are many field trips that are available for this age group, including the apple farm and the pumpkin farm. There are 18 children in each class with 1 lead teacher & 2 co-op parents.

Requirements: Child must be 4 before September 1st of the current school year. You can either choose to do full co-op, 1/2 co-op or non-co-op.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday •9:30am – 12:30pm
Full Co-op $131
1/2 Co-op $151
Non Co-op $173

K.I.D.S. Enrichment

This program is designed as an extended day for the YMCA preschool children. This program offers preschool parents with a well-supervised place for their child to have an afternoon of fun, group activities, including literature-based arts & crafts, music, organized games, story time & free play. 3-year-olds may register for 1 day a week. 4 & 5-year-olds may sign-up for 1 or 2 days per week. Parents will need to provide a sack lunch for their child. This is NOT a parent cooperative program.

3yr Olds: Tuesday • Noon – 2:30pm
4 & 5yr Olds: Monday & Wednesday • 12:30 – 3:00pm
You May Choose One Or Two Days
1 Day: $66
2 Days: $107

Important Information

You Must First Register Your Child At The Front Desk At Either The Meyer Center Or Niebur (Esic) Center Before Handing In This Paperwork.

The paperwork can be filled out AFTER you have registered your child and paid the $30 non-refundable registration fee.

Click the Links below for Important Documents and Information you need to have or fill out for Preschool.

Please fill out the preschool information form and e-mail it to the Preschool Director at lford@edwymca.com.

Bank Draft Form
Please fill out the preschool bank draft form in order to set up your Preschool payments. You can turn the form into either the Niebur (Esic) or Meyer Center Front Desks.

Please print out the physical form and have your child’s physician fill out the vaccination portion. These physicals are good for two years. You do not need to make a separate doctor’s appointment for this form. If your child has been to the doctor within the last two years, they can fill it out with the latest information.

If you have any questions regarding the documents, please email the preschool director at lberry@edwymca.com.

Preschool Volunteer Requirements

Thank you for donating your time and talents as a Preschool volunteer! Volunteers are vital to the YMCA and without them; we wouldn’t be able to meet the needs of the kids, families, and adults who live in Edwardsville. The success of our preschool program is dependent on support and involvement from volunteers like you.

The YMCA makes an active effort to prevent abuse and is in compliance with Y-USA volunteer requirements and the Safe Sport Act. So even though we may know you well, we are required to conduct criminal background and reference checks, and have our volunteers complete required training on Child Abuse Prevention and Mandated Reporting. It’s just one of the many ways we help protect children and other vulnerable people served by the YMCA. Thanks for your cooperation in this effort. Please start the volunteer process by selecting Preschool Volunteer below.

If you have any questions about this or any part of our volunteer application process, please contact Human Resources, 618-656-0436.


Preschool Information Documents

The supply list, fair credit reporting act, school calendar, preschool handbook, and co-op duties are for informational purposes only.

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